Nordic hair expertise for you and your customers

You are welcome to join the community of CUTRIN friends who value Nordic hair expertise and close and respectful customer relationships. We are here for you and your customers.
You are welcome to join the CUTRIN community of professionals who share a devotion and passion for fulfilling the needs of fine hair and bring out its natural beauty.

Expert in fine hair and sensitive scalp

Our core competence lies in knowing the characteristics of fine and fragile hair and sensitive scalp from the inside out. With pride we can say we are the original expert in caring and styling Nordic hair. With our nearly 50-year history of developing products for fine hair and sensitive scalp, we have become the number-one expert in the category. All our products have been developed to meet the needs of fine hair: they add volume, structure and hold, and emphasise the natural beauty of hair.

Purely Finnish

The roots of CUTRIN are firmly based in the Finnish culture and its appreciation for nature and the environment. We have a close relationship with the clean nature that surrounds us. It inspires us and provides us with the unique active ingredients used in our products. Our products have all been developed, manufactured and tested in Finland, and our development work is boosted by LUMENE’s innovative skincare expertise. LUMENE is the leading skincare and makeup brand in Finland and Sweden. We design all our products in Finland to meet the special needs of fine hair and sensitive scalp while respecting ethical values and the environment.

Inspiring education

CUTRIN will help you develop yourself as a professional. We focus on fine hair and its cutting techniques, coloring, and latest trends while respecting the special characteristics of fine hair and consumer needs.

Cutrin Muotolinja collection – Nordic hair design

The bi-annual CUTRIN MUOTOLINJA collection is the CUTRIN way of visualising current hair fashion by tailoring world trends to accommodate the needs of fine hair.

Nordic hair expertise for you and your customers

With its revamped brand concept and complete and precisely positioned product portfolio, CUTRIN is ready to reach out beyond its Nordic home markets. We believe there is a demand for specialised products for fine hair and sensitive scalp also outside the Nordic countries. If you are a wholesaler within professional haircare and feel your company and CUTRIN would be a compatible match, please get in touch and let’s discuss whether we can sow the seeds for successful business together.

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