Modern nostalgia


“This fall, I’m inspired by modern nostalgia. Hairstyles are wonderfully voluminous, soft, smooth and uniform. You can create a refined sculptural look and a soft finish by first applying foamy structure- and volume-boosting products and then blow-drying the hair. Backcombing the hair makes it easier to sculpt. Part medium-length hair steeply from the side, and comb the lengths towards the shoulders in uniform shapes. Curl the ends inwards.Kaisa Vuorenpää, CUTRIN Artistic Team


The elegant hair color is inspired by a cool blue night with the shimmer of moonlight hitting the frosty ground and the surface of water. Blue, silver and delicate reddish pastel tones are reflected from pure pearl blond hair. The shadowy parts of the hairstyle are enhanced with a deeper bluish tone.

Silver shimmer

Cutrin’s autumn hair hit is a toning mousse, the new AURORA CC Silver Mousse. A dream product for blonde and flat hair, it gives the hair great volume and a cool tone.




Pre-bleaching: CUTRIN AURORA Bleaching Powder Ammonia Free + 4,5 %.
Toning: CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia-Free Hair Color 0.01 + 0.06 + .12 + 1,5 % (1:2)