This trend is a combination of well-being, responsibility and the development of a new world. The attitude still remains playful. The most important values are optimism and equality. This trend also comes with a strong emphasis on community. We can save the world if we just decide to do so and pull together.

Manta is a woman of action who is motivated by working for the common good. The activities that pattern her life are promoting well-being in and outside her own community and attending local events, such as garden parties and street parties. The focus is on exaggeratedly high and carefree hairstyles.

The color scheme is all about creating a cheerful, effortless-looking result. The unique coloring technique creates a feathered result with beautifully soft bluish and sandy shades.

Circular economy
Local production
DIY hairstyles


Long hair comes in a blend of shades of sand, nude, copper sand, pastel rose, lavender and light blue. The shades blend together like feathers on a bird. The coloring technique is inspired by the beautiful, colorful feathers of the common chaffinch.

In hairstyles, the focus is on high updos: the higher the bun, the better. This hairstyle is casual and carefree. To achieve a high bun, the hair has to be long enough below the shoulder line. High, impressive updos are a welcome change after the long reign of low buns.

You can add braids to your bun for a softer and more relaxed look. Loose curls that softly flow down from the hairline are a perfect match to this type of bun. High updos give a nice balance to round and square face shapes. Bangs bring added softness and width to high bun hairstyles. A high bun with bangs is an ideal hairstyle for people with a narrow face shape.


CUTRIN AURORA Bleaching Powder No-Foil Bleaching Powder + 9 %, 1:1, 60 min.
Use balayage technique for pre-lightening.

Toning of the root area:
CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia-Free Hair Color
8.7 (2/4) + .65 (1/4) + 9.51 (1/4) + 1.5 %, 1:2, 20 min.

Toning of the lengths:
Reddish highlights: CUTRIN AURORA Permanent Hair Color
9.34 (1/2) + 8R (1/2) + 3 %, 1:1, 30 min.
Blond highlights: CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia-Free Hair Color
.65 (2/3) + D0.00 (1/3) + 1.5 %, 1:2, 20 min.
Alternate reddish and blond highlights. Place shades alternately by separating narrow triangular sections.

Toning & Styling of the lengths:
CUTRIN AURORA CC Rose Mousse, Lavender Mousse ja Silver Mousse.
When styling, enhance blond sections of the lengths with pastel toning volume mousses.



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