CUTRIN Muotolinja
Spring-Summer 2020

CUTRIN hair looks for this season combine natural and futuristic elements. The collection is an homage to our cultural heritage, its fascinating exoticism and its uniqueness. With our hair styling principles combined with product technologies powered by natural ingredients, we are casting our sight far into the future.



Our beauty perception is based on the appreciation of naturalness, and behind this beauty ideal is the myth of a “naturally beautiful human being”. Natural beauty is all about symmetrical facial features, voluminous hair and radiant colors. A perfect harmony of skin, eyes and hair. In addition to having a beautiful color, hair must look and feel strong and shiny.
A naturally beautiful look can be achieved in fine hair through carefully selected cleansing, conditioning and finishing products. All CUTRIN products have been developed to add volume, structure and hold as well as to emphasise the natural beauty of fine and fragile hair type. Naturalness also means making choices regarding the product ingredients and the way in which a product and its packaging have been manufactured. It is essential that sustainable development and respect for nature are factored into manufacturing. That is why we design all our products in Finland to meet the special needs of fine hair and delicate scalp while respecting ethical values and the environment.

“Emphasise what is naturally beautiful, simplify and style. Consider strong design language, but restrain yourself. Avoid going over-the-top. Abandon the old and the outdated.”

– Kaisa Vuorenpää, Cutrin training

Four trends