What looked futuristic in the 1970s is now the reality. This trend brings together real, imaginary and virtual worlds into a subtle yet seamless style. Being authentic does not have to mean being as natural as possible. The hair, clothes and makeup emphasise intense shine and clear lines. This style boldly goes to the unnatural end of the spectrum and beyond with exaggerated light shades contrasted against color effects.

The hair is bright blond, almost as if it was synthetic. The hair can have silvery nuances and a strong vinyl-like shine. Playfulness is achieved with cool pastel tones. The hair is cut to a bob-length in clear and geometric styles. The stark and graphic cut is accentuated by a very short fringe.

Stella vaakakuva

Pastel shades
Light shades
Graphic cuts


This style is all about the nuance of the light hair color. After bleaching, the hair is dyed with a mixture of two favourite shades. The primary color is an iridescent blond, which is accentuated by diving the top part into large sections tinted with an icy silver shade. The combination is such a perfect match of colors that you would think it was Stella’s own, natural ultra-light hair color.

Before blow-drying, products that provide support and structure while also emphasising the powdery finish of the hair are applied to the hair. As a finishing touch, texturising spray is sprayed to the hair in multiple thin sections, one section at a time. This makes even thin hair look as voluminous as possible without compromising the smooth finish.

Starting point and result




Pre-lightening: CUTRIN AURORA Core Defence Bleaching Powder + 3 %, 1:2, 60 min.

Primary color: CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia-Free hair Color 10.0 + 1,5 %, 1:2, 20 min.

Top section: CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia-Free hair Color .12 + 1,5 %, 1:2, 20 min.





Special occasions in the spring are filled with laughter and joy, which makes them the perfect opportunity to debut a new pastel hair color after the cold and gloomy winter! The lovely and cheerful spring hairstyle is achieved by combining shades of pink and lavender. In light hair, the soft pastel shades are playful, yet also enchanting and attractive. Authenticity is not always natural, but it is, oh, so wonderfully perfect!

Before a volumising blow-dry, the hair is treated with foam hair colors to give the hair support and make it vibrant. The rectangular section of the top part is dyed with lavender, while the primary color of the rest of the hair is a soft pink. The hair is styled in vertical sections with curls of different sizes for a carefree look. This is the exact opposite of a smooth style, while still being a prime example of this trend.

Before curling, the hair is sprayed with a multipurpose spray to provide excellent support to the curls. Finally, the curls are loosened one layer at a time for a carefree look and the style is finished with two texturising sprays.