Cutrin Muotolinja – four stories of blond beauty

This season’s Cutrin Muotolinja tells the story of four unique blondes, each of whom has her own fascinating personality. Their hairstyles are designed to compliment their style, character and values. The hair colors are inspired by the beauty of Nordic nature and share the same message: we are now proud to be blonde.

The things that Aino, Peppi, Manta and Jade have in common are their attitude and fine Nordic hair, which has been Finnish Cutrin’s area of expertise for already 50 years. This collection proves how the right haircut, color and styling products add structure to fine hair and make it come to life.

Artikkelikuva: Peppi


Youthful energy ja perm curls

Introducing Peppi

Manta Artikkelikuva


Bird feather shades and high hairstyles

Introducing Manta


Futurism and cool confidence

Introducing Jade


Scandinavian blondness and sleekness

Introducing Aino