We respect nature and the environment, and this is reflected in everything we do.

We at CUTRIN are proud of our Finnish origins and our Nordic roots. Our product development is inspired by the purity of our nature and the unique power of the raw materials it provides. CUTRIN products combine high quality, the ancient power of Nordic nature, the latest technologies and strong local expertise.

CUTRIN is a pioneer in Nordic hair design with nearly 50 years of experience. In addition, for over two decades, we have utilized sustainably procured Nordic raw materials in our products, many of which are derived from the food and wood industries. For example, the Arctic cloudberry seed extract, used in the Ainoa Nutri Repair products, is produced by water-glycerol extraction from the seeds of hand-picked cloudberries, a by-product of juice production.

Our strategy is to develop safe products using natural raw materials from Nordic nature while respecting the principles of sustainability. We take care in choosing the ingredients we use as well as those we avoid. Most of the CUTRIN hair care and styling formulas are vegan (Ainoa, Aurora Color Care, BIO+ and Vieno). Our aim in packaging development is to further improve the recyclability of packaging, to provide recycling information to our customers and to reduce the amount of materials used in packaging or to replace them with more sustainable alternatives.

We want to offer our customers high-quality products without compromising our values. Our products are manufactured in accordance with GMP quality standard and ISO 9001 management system standard. CUTRIN does not test its products or their ingredients on animals, nor does it allow animal testing at any stage of the product development process. As a European and Finnish company, CUTRIN complies with EU cosmetics legislation that prohibits animal testing.

This is also our home. CUTRIN’s top-class hairdressing products are designed, developed and tested in Finland. We respect our shared northern environment, and this is reflected in the way we do things. Our roots in the pharmaceutical industry guarantee that we do not compromise on product safety.