Power from Nordic nature. Responsibly.

CUTRIN’s roots are firmly based in Finnish culture and appreciation of the environment and nature. We have a close relationship with the clean Nordic nature that surrounds us. It inspires us and provides us with the unique active ingredients used in our products.

Only the berries and plants with the greatest vitality can thrive in the harsh northern conditions. Our unique nature offers pure raw materials that cannot be found elsewhere. Thanks to the short but intense growth period, Nordic plants are packed with nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients that have just the right properties to protect and care for fine Nordic hair.

CUTRIN is a forerunner in utilising natural ingredients from Nordic nature. We use sustainably procured Nordic raw materials, many of which are obtained as by-products of the food and wood industries.

For example, the Arctic cloudberry seed extract, used in the AINOA Nutri Repair products, is produced by water-glycerol extraction from the seeds of hand-picked cloudberries, a by-product of juice production.