Cutrin Ainoa
– Boost the vitality of fine hair

At CUTRIN, we know fine hair – we have been working with the challenging Northern hair types for 50 years. We have developed a completely new CUTRIN AINOA range of products for fine hair; a range that has the right conditioning and volumising products for all fine hair types.

The products of the CUTRIN AINOA range are made in Finland with love, and sustainably. The products have been developed and tested in Finland and they are manufactured at our Espoo factory. The products are powered by responsibly sourced nutrient-rich ingredients of the Northern wilderness: sea buckthorn seed oil, sea buckthorn vinegar extract, cranberry seed oil, birch sap, bilberry seed oil and crowberry extract. The 100% vegan products are packaged in recyclable plastic containers partly made from recycled plastic.

Protects and enhances color treated hair

The AINOA Color products provide fine hair with long-lasting color protection while keeping the hair silky smooth. The products are powered by natural cranberry seed oil from the North.

Volume for extra fine and flat hair

The AINOA Volume products give maximum volume to extra fine hair thanks to a completely new, heat-activated super ingredient that is activated by blow-drying. The products are powered by birch sap extract and sugar compounds sourced from the North.

Intense moisture for dry or curly hair

The AINOA Moisture products have been developed to provide long-lasting moisture to dry and fine hair. This range is also great for curly, permed or tinted hair. The products are powered by bilberry seed oil and sugar compounds sourced from the North.

Strength and protection for damaged hair

The AINOA Repair products are intended for bleached and heavily treated fine hair. The products contain an active substance that is activated by blow-drying, providing the care and protection for fine and damaged hair needs. The products are powered by wild-grown sea buckthorn seed oil and pea protein.

Deep-cleansing for all hair types

The AINOA Deep Clean shampoos are suitable for the deep cleansing of fine hair. They remove impurities and build-up of styling products as well as unwanted mineral deposits from light hair. We recommend using a deep cleaning shampoo once a week. The Deep Clean series products are powered by wild-grown crowberry extract from the North.