Every Finn has one clear idea of a sauna: the sauna of a childhood home or summer cottage. The sauna belongs to every Finn’s summer, but the winter sauna is associated with special magic. In ancient Finnish, the word “LÖYLY” (steam) meant soul, spirit and life. Today, it means enjoyment for us, a place to calm down and recover from busy everyday life.

The heat of the sauna wraps us gently and velvety. Steam is a pleasure for body and soul, an experience for all the senses. For Finns, it is not only a place for silence, but also a cleansing ritual.

Wintertime challenges both hair and scalp causing dryness and frizziness. CUTRIN LÖYLY seasonal care products are developed exclusively for fine hair and sensitive scalp needs to protect and nourish hair especially during the cold season. Cold Protection Complex together with natural Nordic rose root extract helps to protect hair and scalp in demanding Nordic conditions. Contains UVA and UVB protection for hair. 100% vegan formulas.

Limited edition.